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Techvalue Limited is a quality driven company. We have strict quality control procedures and hygiene monitoring system to ensure that all the rice products are safe to eat.

Techvalue written in Chinese is "德利發實業有限公司", in which 德 (De) means having business ethics, 利 (Li) means profit, 發 (Fa) means development. DELIFA is also the name of our factory in Vietnam.

In business, we are aiming at not only profit, but also the development of technology and business ethics. We respect our relationship with our partners and looking forward to build up successful win-win deals for all parties

We define ourselves as an international rice producers and suppliers. We have our rice mill in Viet Nam and at the same time, we are also involved in rice production in Cambodia and Thailand. Therefore, we can supply you with many different types of rice according to your needs.

Our products are widely distributed to strict markets such as Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Ukraine and China.

With professional sales & marketing people from Hong Kong mother company and Ho Chi Minh office, together with experienced quality control people from our factory, we ensure to constantly deliver the best products and services to all our customers from all over the world.

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Techvalue in Thaifex 2017

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Techvalue in Thaifex 2018

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