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Production process




Our packaging line is well equipped with modern bags sealing heater which can seal most types of material.

Furthermore, our date printer is considered to be the best in the market. Date printing process is fully automatic and the ink can't be fade easily.

We can package the rice into large bags (25/50 kg) or small bag (1 kg, 2, kg, 5 kg, etc). Customers who don't have your own packing line can bring the good and bags to our factory for packing.

Quality Management


With every single batch of rice produced, we always keep track of its sample and regularly check on quality in order to make sure meet the standard of our customers.


Unlike many other factory, we are now using triple-polished and double-sortex for the ensurement of quality. Our color sorter is said to be one of the best machine in Korea. At the same time, we are installing a new production line for higher capacity and quality by using SATAKE machine from Japan.


Our quality control people have enough experience in rice production. We make sure that all your needs are satisfied.

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