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About Majestic Elephant

Majestic Elephant, a brand operated by Techvalue Limited, is a sign of high quality rice. We work closely with paddy grain trader, processing factory and distributor. We aim to provide premium quality fragrant rice to users all over the world.

About WhiteOxen

WhiteOxen is a brand operated by Techvalue Limited. WhiteOxen focuses more on old crop rice of all kinds such as Jasmine Rice, Premium Jasmine Rice, Japonica Rice, KDM Rice, etc.

Our WhiteOxen Kao Dak Mali is specially made for catering business. We supply mostly to restaurants in Hong Kong, in which they require not only good quality but also the rice should meet the requirements of the Chefs. Our WhiteOxen Kao Dak Mali can be comparable to Thai Hommali with much cheaper price.


More than an exporter

In order to guarantee that our products are safe to eat, we also act as a quality controller to control and monitor the rice production process. From the paddy farmers to final products to packaging to distribution and storage, we unify the quality management standards according to ISO7301 standards and RoHS regulation to ensure that all rice products comply to international standards. 



Our mission is to make rice free from heavy metals, excessive amount of fertilizers and pesticides. 

We are certified as one of the stockholders of rice in Hong Kong.

Registration No.: 375

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